Top 10 Bullshit Lines From Your Optician

Top 10 Bullshit Lines From Your Optician

Replace the words 'Frames or Lenses' with 'Car'.  Would you feel comfortable leaving your car with your Mechanic?

I've been selling eyewear since 2001. I am not an optician but I've learned a lot about eyewear and the ophthalmic industry through my business and what it takes to run it successfully. When you walk into your neighborhood optician's office with your own frames, this is what they commonly tell you :

10) These lenses are glued in. Can't take them out without risking damage to the frame. Lenses are never glued into a frame.

9) These are reading glasses. We can't take the lenses out. So, they're reading glasses, why can't you take the lenses out?

8) These are reading glasses (while pointing to the diopter printed on the inside of the frame)The frame is not 'optical' quality. All plastic frames are optical quality. If the lens opening has a grove, it will hold a lens.  It all depends if the optician is willing to forfeit the profit from selling his own eyewear to you.

7) We're not responsible if these frames break while we try to put your prescription into them. Unless the technician is totally incompetent, or just plain greedy, there is no reason why the frame should break while in their hands.

6) We tried taking the lenses out and we couldn't. Someone put the lenses in. Someone can take the lenses out. And to add to this one, my buyer sent me her glasses with those 'unremovable' lenses, and I removed them without a hitch. I have a frame warmer and I know how to use it. I'm not a technician. I can teach a 6 year old how to remove lenses from any frame.

5) On rimless frames where the hinges and bridge are attached to the lenses with nuts and bolts, a Walmart technician told my eyewear buyer that they couldn't drill holes into the buyer's new lenses for the frame they purchased from me. So what does the technician do? Shows my buyer their selection of rimless frames. And he bought a pair. This frame is sent to a lab, where they will cut new lenses and drill holes into them and attach them to this Walmart purchased frame. Now tell me. Why couldn't they do it with the frame they purchased from me? Hmmmm......

4) I was trying to get my optometrist to measure my PD and she said she couldn't since I wasn't getting my glasses through the clinic. That's just to frustrate you in the hopes of you throwing up your hands and just letting them fill your lenses. They want your business and they know you're taking your frames to for your lens needs and paying 2/3rds less for them too.

3) This is a 'cold insert' frame. I cannot put your lenses into these. Ok, an 'intelligent' sounding term that means this frame does not expand or contract when a frame warmer is used on it. The only false part of this statement is when a buyer hands them an acetate/plastic frame (which our buyer had given them). ALL plastics expand and contract when heat is applied to them. The amount of heat needed takes an experienced technician who knows how to use a frame warmer, and knows their eyewear.

2) I was charged for a copy of my prescription, or they won't give it to me. This practice is illegal, as charging patients for copies of their contact lens or frame prescription is not permitted under federal law. The Federal Trade Commission's (FTC) "Prescription Release Rule" requires eye doctors to give you your eyeglass prescription, at no extra cost, immediately after an eye exam.

And the best bullshit reason of all:

1) There are no numbers on this frame, so I don't know what size they are. I can't put your rx into them. Seriously Doc? Don't you know how to use a metric ruler? You measure the lens width, bridge width and length of the temple. That's the size of the frame. Shame on you for even having the balls to say something so idiotic. If you found this blog entry informative, 'like' our Facebook page yescool