When It All Began

When It All Began

Round Silver Metal Antique Spectacles

One of the longest running 'small business' online eyewear shops on the internet. I began this eyewear business 20 years ago when I needed reading glasses. Retro Focus Eyewear remains a 'one woman' show that offers one on one consultations and personalized attention from the moment you place your order til the time it is handed over to the postal clerk. This is the place to find unique eyeglass frames and reading glasses that you won't find anywhere else.

I began wearing +1.25 strength readers in 2000. Almost 2 decades later you know the eyes have worsened. A firm believer in wearing different strengths for different apps, now I find my old +1.50's rx is helpful in clearing up my distance vision. I wear'm to watch TV and to drive. +3.00's when I'm working in front of my computers, +3.50 to read magazines and +4.00 to read the obnoxiously fine print on coupons, health products and to manicure my nails. (secret tip: If you need something stronger than what you already have, a good quick fix is wearing 2 pairs on top of each other. It's that simple. Have +1.50's on your face? Place a pair of +1.25's on top of them and you've got +2.75's. There is no reason why anyone should restrict themselves to the one reading prescription your eye doctor hands you after an eye exam. Save your weaker readers. You can still use them.

I try to accommodate all budgets with today's pop hipster styles as well sniffing out the oddest, quirkiest, ooak styles you won't find anywhere else. Attended all kinds of trade shows that kept me in the loop of clothing/eyewear fashions.

Most of the styles chosen are priced according to their quality (materials used). I sample each style before offering them in my store to make sure they are up to my standards and will make my buyers happy ones. On occasion I will get a great deal on the better specs, and sell them for a fraction of what they would retail. I do make mention of that in their listings so that you know you're getting a high end quality pair of readers but not paying with your first born to own them. I'm not too keen on offering designer readers and specs just for that reason. Their name only inflates their actual worth and the quality I sell here is the same,  if not just as good as theirs.

Along with selling the coolest readers and retro frames, I also sell vintage eyewear, clothing, accessories, and kitschy collectibles. Visit my vintage online shops  Back Thennish Vintage and Man Cave Collective for my unique vintage finds for guys.

I've been a vintage clothing dealer since 2000. Wearing vintage shows the world your individuality. Self expression is strongest when you've had someone to help you become a grounded individual. That's where Retro Focus Eyewear comes in. Reading glasses were always thought of as an unstylish accessory automatically branding you as "OLD" when you wore the common selection readily available at your local drug store. Not anymore.......and I'm here to help you come out of your shell, be who you want to be, and wear what you want. I sell specs that you won't find anywhere else.

We're all on this earth for a short time. If you need to wear specs, have fun while you're here. Which brings me to this important point.... all my specs are unisex. They're gender benders, androgynous and bisexual....for guys and gals......cause here at Retro Focus Eyewear® there are no boundaries. If you have to ask me if a certain style is for a guy or a gal, then honestly they're not for you.

If you have any concerns about the product, your order, or have something to tell me hit me up with what's on your mind.